At NW Modern, we take pride in offering our clients the most beautiful and elegant solutions in decking, fencing and a wide variety of other garden fixtures and furniture.


Our expert craftsmen offer our customers an unparalleled project experience. Here are three things that set us above the competition.



We believe in attentive listening and meticulous execution. The key to a successful project lies in our ability to carefully understand our customers vision and our capacity to actualize it into an innovative design.


We believe in beautiful aesthetics and elegant details complimented by functional quality. Our master deck builders have spent year honing their craft, developing an understanding for material and refining their skills.



We believe in the excellence of durable material. We are pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of high quality products that will compliment and enhance any home and landscape adding beauty for years to come.


Custom Designed and Well Crafted Decks


There is nothing that brings more warmth and beauty to your home and landscape then a beautifully installed deck. A deck is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather and share in moments that last a lifetime. A well crafted deck not only increase the value of your home but is quite literally an extension of the living space, providing the perfect stage for backyard entertaining and fun. We are grateful for the opportunity to help design and construct such wondrous spaces for our clients.

At NW Modern Decks & Fences, we design and install custom decks based around the explicit needs of our clients. We are proud to offer a variety of high quality materials and finishes; everything from natural and inexpensive wood boards, to eco-friendly options like TrexPro and TimberTech, to luxurious hardwoods such IPE and Mahogany. Every deck we construct is guaranteed to bring you years of enjoyment and outstanding durability.


Durable, Custom Built Fences


A home is one of the most important investments somebody will ever make in their lifetime. At NW Modern Decks & Fences we believe it should be complimented by a stunning enclosure that protects and distinguishes it. We strive to design and build handsome fences that not only demarcate the boundaries of your propriety, but will differentiate your home among the others. An attractive fence is sure to increase your home's marketability and curb appeal. We offer a wide variety of high quality, durable fencing materials that we are confident will fit within your vision and budget.



Elegant Railing Solutions


We specialized in installing a variety of railing solutions that are designed to accentuate and bring out the inherent beauty of your deck, while offering an unparalleled degree of safety. Our railings options include aluminum, steel wire, cedar and composite. 



Elaborate Latticework


A trellis is typically a latticework built to support climbing plants or vines. It can be a simple panel attached to the side of a building, or it can be freestanding in a garden or yard. A beautiful trellis can offer a sense of privacy and immediate allure to a home and landscape.


A Tunnel of Latticework


An arbor usually incorporates a trellis into its structure, creating a tunnel-like passageway of climbing plants. Arbors have a continuous run of latticework from one side of the "tunnel" to the other, often in an arched shape. An arbor installed by NW Modern Decks & Fences will add drama and elegance to your outdoor living space.



Beautiful Shading


Pergolas are designed to support climbing plants. Unlike arbors, though, pergolas simply have posts supporting a rooflike structure. They're most commonly used to shade a walkway or a deck. An artistically constructed pergola will add a degree of refinement to any backyard oasis.


A Statement Threshold


An entryway is often the first impression your guest is left with. We've spent countless hours finding, designing and constructing thresholds that ensure its love at first site.