Are permits necessary to build a new deck or fence?

Deck building permits are required when the height of the deck exceeds 30 inches. Fence building permits are only necessary when the height of the fence exceeds 6 feet.

Can you tear out & dispose of my old fence or deck?

Yes. We can tear out & haul away old fencing or decking for a small fee and will include this in our final estimate.

What purpose does a cap on my fence serve?

A cap adds strength to the fence as it protects the top part of a post & board. It will also enhance the aesthetic beauty of the fence.

Does your fence package include pressure treated rails?

No. Pressure treated rails tend to twist. There is no need to use pressure treated rails unless you have ground contact. We use a Hem Fir product that will provide the needed strength and durability.

Does your fence package include cedar rails?

No. Cedar rails are too soft. We use a Hem Fir product that is superior in strength and durability.

Which is better wood or vinyl?

Both are great products, however it depends upon your needs, your landscaping, and the architecture of your home.

Do you recommend staining a fence once it is installed?

We recommend allowing your fence to weather naturally for the first month. Then an oil-based sealant, like Superdeck® (800-825-5382), should be applied every two years in order to provide the best protection and enhance the genuine beauty of your fence.

What grades of cedar boards are used in building your fences?

We prefer to use #1 Select Cedar boards, but have other options available upon request. Cedar is a natural northwest wood that performs well with our weather conditions in this area. Cedar is also the most attractive wood for deck surfacing.

What is the life expectancy of a cedar fence?

A Cedar fence should last at least 20 years if treated regularly.

What are the building code requirements for deck handrails?

Handrails are required on decks 30 inches or more off the ground. The minimmum handrail height for residential decks is 36 inches, and picket spacing requirement is 4 inches on center. The handrail must be able to support 25 lbs per foot of side thrust.

What are the building code requirements for steps?

The riser needs to be between 6–8 inches in height and the step needs to be at least 3 feet wide.

How soon should a deck be treated after installation, and what products do you recommend?

Allowing the deck to weather naturally for the first three weeks to a month is strongly recommended. The wood needs this time to dry and the natural oils in the wood begin to break down from the sun’s UV rays. After we recommend using an excellent oil-based sealant, like Superdeck® (800-825-5382), on an annual basis. This ensures the best protection and enhances the genuine beauty of your deck.

What process is used in treating a cedar deck?

Before sealing a deck, the surface should be cleaned with Superdeck® cleaner which exfoliates dirt particles to the surface. The entire surface should then be pressure washed with a low-pressure washer. If necessary, Superdeck® Wood Brightener can be used to remove any stains or rust spots. After allowing the deck to dry for at least a day, apply one even coat of Superdeck® Exterior Stain to the entire deck surface.

How do I get that grey weathered look on my fence or deck?

The best way to achieve the weathered look is to use a gray stain. That will provide the look you desire and still protect your investment. You don't want to let your fence or deck weather naturally because when the weather turns your wood gray your fence is actually starting to deteriorate. Untreated wood will check and crack because of expansion and contraction, and then moss and mold will grow in those areas causing the wood to rot. You should always use a stain.